Joe Zakielarz: Software engineer, mechanical engineer, co-founder of $100k/yr LLC

I'm a software engineer majoring in mechanical engineering in my senior year at Duke University. I love building B2C products and am recruiting for post-grad SWE opportunities.

Technical Projects

Save Samurai: HackDuke 2023 Winner (Finance Track)

Hackathon project that uses GPT4 to analyze credit card spending history and give recommendations for spending cuts. Generates written report and graphs of optimal spending by category. "Slash your spendings!"

Mem.Ai: Summer 2023 Internship

Built chrome extension, AI meeting briefing tool, and Chat Suggestions for Mem.Ai, an OpenAI & a16z backed Series A startup

BlockStreet: Multichain NFT Marketplace

Solo built an NFT Marketplace on Ethereum and Polygon with social functionality; zero-code, full collection minting with metadata pinned on IPFS; wallet aggregation and user account creation; and auctions, listings, transfers, burns, and more.

University Shipping & Storage: $100k ARR Business

Co-Founder of Duke's only student-owned, student-run storage business that services students all along the East Coast north of Durham by offering the transportation of belongings to and from Duke, along with storage services over the summer and fall semesters for students.

XLR8: A Blockchain-Powered Car Racing Game

NFT racing game where users "fuse" component NFTs to create their own unique cars. Wrote the smart contracts and deployed custom Chainlink node on AWS EC2 with Docker and used AWS Lambda for secure data link to MongoDB.

Look out for Kovo Fitness

Building... more to come in Jan 2024!

Work Experience

  1. Company
    Software Engineer
  2. Company
    Software / Blockchain Engineer
  3. Company
    RSPCT Basketball
    Data Science Engineer
  4. Company
    Strategy Consultant